Bree’s passion for fitness started in childhood with her love for competitive cheerleading. With over 10 years on the squad, and a few years coaching her high school team, she realized how profound an impact not only physical fitness, but mental and social well-being played on her overall health. It was also during this period of her life that she struggled with body image issues and had a difficult relationship with food. As an adolescent in a very image conscious society and sport, it was very challenging to love and accept her curvy shape. 

Over the course of her educational pursuits, Bree studied the human body and mind extensively, in hopes of learning how to help both herself and others, embrace their uniqueness, maximize their potential, and celebrate their bodies for all of their amazing abilities. She always knew that she would re-enter the coaching realm after finishing school, so she continued to educate herself on fitness training and coaching in tandem with her university studies. 

Bree gained extensive theoretical understanding of the human mind and body through her kinesiology program. She also gained invaluable practical knowledge and experience during her 7+ years working with clients in a large gym setting, as well as through her recent transition to the virtual space. This has allowed her to strengthen her coaching and programming skills, personalize her approach to each individual, and create an optimal environment for every client to achieve their fitness and wellness goals. 

It was also through her experiences working with various demographics, ranging from elite young athletes, to seniors living with chronic health conditions, that Bree came to appreciate the profound impact that lifestyle factors play on health and fitness. She has since created a holistic method of fitness coaching that encompasses many aspects of the human experience, including stress-management, nutrition and digestive support, connectedness, and self-empowerment. She works closely with a wide referral network of other health and wellness professionals to offer her clients the full spectrum of care. 

Outside of fitness, Bree loves to spend time in nature, connect with her loved ones and share experiences both locally and abroad, read anything and everything to do with wellness, healthy living, self-love and relationships, and experiment in the kitchen,  making healthier versions of her family’s classic Italian favourites.  She is currently residing in Toronto, Canada, and plans to travel and expand her business, developing relationships and resources that will allow her to work with clients in every continent around the world.

Education & Certifications
• Kinesiology and Health Sciences, York University
• Personal Training Specialist, CanFitPro
• Fascial Stretch Therapist, Stretch To Win Institute
• Performance Stretch Certified Therapist, Performance Stretch System
• Kettlebell Fundamentals Advanced Certificate, DTS Fitness Education
• Certified Conditioning Coach, DTS Fitness Education
• Physical Activity Instruction for Disease-Specific Conditions, Human Kinetics