Personalizing virtual fitness, to help inspire meaningful growth and improvement in the health of people around the world, through private and semi-private coaching, and customized fitness and wellness programs. 







Stretch Therapy, Corporate Wellness, Healthy Lifestyle Coaching


"In my time training with Bree, I learned I could improve many aspects of my health and well-being. Bree’s enthusiastic and compassionate approach helped me to reach new levels. She is technical, knowledgeable and remains attentive to her clients. Her emphasis on overall well-being is an important component of her style of training. I would recommend her personal programming to anyone looking to improve their lifestyle.”

Marie I.

“Bree had trained me prior to my wedding and helped me achieve amazing results. That experience brought me back to her again, when accessibility to other outlets has been a challenge. I love that working with Bree means getting a routine tailored to my body and my goals. I get one-on-one time with a high caliber fitness professional in my own home- what’s not to love about that!”

Kirsten W.

“Bree is a very knowledgeable and supportive trainer. Her style of training has helped me drastically improve my form and overall strength. I really appreciate the explanations she gives so I understand both how and why she has incorporated all of the various components of my programs. I’m grateful for everything I’ve learned from her and for how much she has helped me improve my overall health. I highly recommend training with Bree!”

Keenan M.

“I’ve been training with Bree since 2014 and I’ve never felt stronger and more confident about my progress. Bree’s holistic approach to fitness led me to a toned body and stronger muscles, while at the same time, helped to cultivate a positive relationship with my body. Her hawk eyes and strong attention to detail never let me perform an exercise without proper form and technique, even in group classes! If you’re looking for a trainer that deals with fitness from all dimensions, Bree is your girl! She’s been instrumental to my success and I couldn’t be happier!

Zoya Q.

“Training with Bree has been awesome! She takes the time to first understand your objectives and puts together a program that works for you, including ways to keep you motivated. As someone who didn’t love going to the gym before, since working with Bree, I now enjoy working out more. I look forward to my virtual training sessions with Bree. She’s passionate, has great energy and is very knowledgeable about the body and health. I’m amazed at how she’s able to cue and correct my form online. Thanks to Bree, I hope to come out of the pandemic healthier and stronger!”

Amy C.

“I have worked with Bree in a number of different capacities, including small group and 1-on-1 training, nutrition and stretch therapy, and I can’t tell you how thankful I am that I met her and have learned so much about health and wellness from her. She offers a wealth of knowledge in her field which is a rarity these days in the age of influencers, and you never leave her presence without learning something in a way that is catered to you and your situation. She is also improving and learning with new courses, programs and anything she can do to keep her skills sharp in the industry. I couldn’t recommend her more.”

Michelle A.
"There's no greater joy than having the privilege of being instrumental in someone's journey to becoming their best self. Fitness is a holistic experience that can help to enhance every aspect of our lives."
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